🇵🇷Para mis Puerto Rican’s 🇵🇷


Hola y Bienvenido!

I created this page For My Puerto Ricans dedicated to discussing Puerto Rico and everything about my isla. I was born in Viejo San Juan Puerto Rico and am living in the United States.

I want to extend an invitation to all parties with an interest in this topic, to make their comments, discuss anything and everything that is on their mind. Let’s talk. And while we do this, my intent is to create a safe place where my Boricuas are able to come and be heard both from the US and from the Mother land of PR.

Let all my Bori’s say,“Wepaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

Because love of country and our people is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated. I invite you to visit the blog, leave your comments and express yourselves both in English and in Spanish. Every post on Puerto Rico, is now open under Mensajes de Blogger for comments and yes I will respond.

(To comment simply click the link leave a comment.)
Welcome to my virtual Boricua page on the Internet.

Warm regards,

Leti Solis

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