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Anuel – Dallas TX – Nov.9th



Hola y Bienvendio! Today, I’m going to talk about what it means to be an adoptee. What is an adoptee you maybe wonder? For those of you who don’t know what that means it’s an adopted son or daughter. A person who was adopted as a child. Most of you don’t know this about me but now you do. Here is my story. Many people around the world are adopted and or have adopted a child. I was adopted at a very young age. Matter of fact, I was adopted @ the age of 5yrs old. Many adopted people don’t know they’re adopted or they know and simply don’t care. Kinda like my brother who was adopted @ 9mo, he knows but refuses to admit it. Which, is perfectly fine because he is Chicano and looks white like my adoptive parents. I on the other hand being Puerto Rican and Mexican have a darker skin tone and don’t quite fit in with my all white family. When I was younger, I remember my first day …

🇲🇽Cinco de Mayo🇲🇽

Bienvenido! Do, you know what Cinco de Mayo stands for or better yet what it represents? Most Americans use this Mexican holiday to drink get wasted and eat Mexican food. But, to be quit frank they have no earthly idea what it means to our Mexican heritage. I’m going to give you a quick history lesson for those of you who have no idea.  So, grab a seat and maybe a cerveza and prepare to have you mind blown. During the French-Mexican War (1861-1867), an outnumbered Mexican army defeats a powerful invading French force at the small town of Puebla de Los Angeles. The retreat of the French troops at the Battle of Puebla represented a great moral victory for the people of Mexico, symbolizing the country’s ability to defend its sovereignty against a powerful foreign nation. Battle of Puebla and Cinco de Mayo Though not a major strategic victory in the overall war against the French, Zaragoza’s victory at Puebla galvanized Mexican resistance, and six years later France withdrew. Later that same year, Austrian …