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Historia de Afro Puertorriqueños

While Puerto Ricans are unapologetic in their pride, some tend to downplay their African ancestry. The truth is, Puerto Rico as we know it wouldn’t exist without the cultural influences of African tribes. The racialization of Puerto Rico as a Latin American/Caribbean archipelago and of Puerto Ricans as non-white should not deny the specificity of Afro-Puerto Rican difference.   The Africans that came to Puerto Rico overcame many obstacles and particularly after the Spanish-American War, their descendents helped shape the political institutions of the island. Their contributions to the music, art, language, and heritage became the foundation of Puerto Rican culture. Afrodescendientes boricuas is one such community, who are, at best – forgotten or ignored – and at worst – exoticized, feared, or even hated.   “Afro-Puerto Ricans have to look at themselves through the context of being Puerto Rican, because we are not straight up African.” Some African slaves spoke “Bozal” Spanish, a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, and the language spoken in the Congo. The African influence in the Spanish spoken in the island can …

Wear Red Day – Friday, February 1st

Wear Red Day is here… Go Red with us! Do you know what you’re wearing on this year’s Wear Red Day? Show  off your favorite Red outfit, your cute Red shoes, stunning Red lipstick, or even your whole office showing off their Go Red spirit to help bring awareness to the number 1 killer of women – heart disease and stroke. Together we can save the lives of women we love by preventing heart disease and stroke. It’s a concept we can all get behind AND it’s also the theme of this year’s Go Red For Women Conference. Learn practical tips from local experts and survivors how you can reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Heart disease takes the life of every 1 in 3 women, in fact 41 women will lose their lives TODAY, due to heart disease and stroke.

Welcome To The Narcotech Factory

Buenos Tardes Mi Gente!! Bienvenido, today I will be continuing talking about what has inspired me as an artist and where I will interview other artists, art students, and people involved in the art & entertainment world and who are community activist in the coming months. I am always touched and empowered by the stories of artists and powerful people in the art world and I wanted to use this opportunity to get to know what inspires others. I wanted to give credit to a few of the artists that have really impacted and inspired me. I started my interviews with my dearest friends and fellow Boricuas, Ponce Solo, Jessica Flores, Iris Toro, Bobbito Ross & El Vis Katari . Today, I want to introduce you to The Narcotechs.     In January 2016 a new movement was born as underground group MPIRE (artists Dax and Arc) joined forces with up and coming producer/MC, Doza The Drumdealer. These two Latino entities formed the NARCOTECHS in an attempt to revive the Latin hip hop sound in …