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Anuel – Dallas TX – Nov.9th


Anuel AA

Meet Anuel AA. Bryant Myers. Larry Over. Almighty. Unless you live on the island or closely follow the Puerto Rican rap scene, chances are you may not recognize the names of this new wave of trapstars. One name that’s garnered visibility over the rest is Anuel AA, whose digital popularity extends further than Puerto Rico. His videos on YouTube have reached upwards of 20 million views, while features on tracks like De La Ghetto’s sex jam “La Ocasión” have racked up nearly 200 million hits. You may not have heard his name, but the numbers don’t lie. Anuel’s popularity and fame have earned him a net worth of $3 million. Anuel AA, the viral Latin trap artist who was infamously arrested in 2016 on gun charges, is reportedly back in federal prison. In June 2017, the Puerto Rican rapper was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison, after police found on April 3, 2016, he was arrested after leaving a nightclub called Tabaco & Ron Lounge San Juan, located in Santurce, Puerto Rico along with two companions, when the police stopped the vehicle in which …

Welcome To Post 200…Well Make that 201

Holy crap, I’ve published 200 articles!! I’ve been writing for 2 years and have finally reached 200 post… well technically my video post Bebe – Anuel AA x Ozuna was post 200 and this is technically post #201. Lol I don’t profess to be a blogging wizard or any kind of expert in the field. What I can say is that I have experienced a lot more of life and blogging and how the two have become intertwined in being apart of who I am right now. I am excited, honored and in awe that this is my 200th blog post. Today’s post is dedicated to you: all of my amazing supporters who have followed my journey here. From faithful readers who have been with me since the beginning to those who are reading this blog for the first time, from those of you who have shared beautiful comments to quiet readers whom I have yet to learn are reading my articles, today I celebrate you and how much your support has had a positive …