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Bobbito Ross

Buen Dia Mi Gente!!

Bienvenido, today I will be talking about what has inspired me as an artist and where I will interview other artists, art students, and people involved in the art & entertainment  world and who are community activist in the coming months. I am always touched and empowered by the stories of artists and powerful people in the art world and I wanted to use this opportunity to get to know what inspires others. I wanted to give credit to a few of the artists that have really impacted and inspired me. I started my interviews with my dearest friends and fellow Boricuas, Ponce Solo, Jessica Flores & Iris Toro. Today, I want to introduce you to mi hermano y amigo, Bobbito Ross.

Bobbito Ross aka Layzor Ghunnzz is a Boriken from Jamaica, Queens. He was introduced to art while growing up in NYC, through cartoons and Graffiti. He is heavily influenced by those seeking equality for all human beings such as Roberto Clemente, The Young Lords, Black Panthers etc.

This short excerpt is a precursor to the actual article about Bobbito Ross and who he is and what active things he’s involved with throughout the community.



  “Bobbito Ross Pa’lante, Siempre Pa’lante!!”