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Young Lords Club

Buenos Tardes Mi Gente!!

Bienvenido, today I will be talking about what has inspired me as an artist and where I will interview other artists, art students, and people involved in the art & entertainment  world and who are community activist in the coming months. I am always touched and empowered by the stories of artists and powerful people in the art world and I wanted to use this opportunity to get to know what inspires others. I wanted to give credit to a few of the artists that have really impacted and inspired me. I started my interviews with my dearest friend and fellow Boricua, Ponce Solo. Today, I want to introduce you to Iris Toro.


Please Meet Iris Toro:

First and foremost, I respect the privacy of my friends as many of them may prefer to be anonymize. Let me introduce her to you my friends. Iris Toro, was born in Brooklyn and reborn in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. She is a Nuevo York-based artist that focuses her talents and her endeavors for the grater good of helping our people in the on going recovery in Puerto Rico, as well as our brothers and sisters in other countries around the world. Iris, is a singer, songwriter, dancer and founder of Young Lords Club.

In Her Own Words:

“I am selling these pins to raise money to help aid the efforts to rebuild Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. 20% of profits will be donated to Lin Manuel Miranda’s organization The Flamboyan Arts Fund, . This organization is dedicated to supporting the artists and performers on the island, so the rebuilding efforts aren’t just infrastructure related, but also supports the growth of the culture, and hope for the future on the island.



[“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” Mahatma Gandhi ]

-Founder, Iris Toro

The island and the people that live there are still lacking access to many basic things that humans need to survive. The pin features a representation of the Taíno symbol for the sun. The Taíno are my ancestors, and originally lived in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 

She says,”It’s always been my dream to uplift and rebuild undeserved communities, and to use the gift of music to heal this nation. Everyday we are getting one step closer to making the dream a reality 🙌🏽 never give up on what you feel you were born to do 💪🏽 I am so excited to see you all wearing these pins and showing solidarity in the name of the betterment of our communities!”

 As you can see these pins have the power to make any outfit flyer. The @younglordsclub is so grateful for your support, and the money raised is going to an amazing cause; rebuilding Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for everyone that placed an order or shared my fundraiser to your stories! You are all so good to me and I just wanna reflect that goodness and shine it back onto those that need it most 🙌🏽 you all are amazing and I am so grateful for your love and support. Together we can truly do amazing things 💪🏽 check my stories to get more information about The @younglordsclub Pin Fundraiser and/or to screenshot & share this fundraiser if you cannot currently order a pin!

Please help support our efforts by DMing me to purchase a pin, or sharing our fundraiser!

Thank you for your support!! 🙌🏽 Check out: @younglordsclub on Instagram.


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