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Leti’s Carrot 🥕 Cake Recipe

Bienvenidos Mí Genté!!

Today I want to share my Carrot 🥕 Cake 🧁 recipe with y’all. Haven’t post anything about baking in awhile so I figured since I was in a baking mood I’d share this with you.

Baking gives me a kind of relaxing feeling, I just turn my music 🎶 up and start doing my thing in the kitchen. Food is made different ways but I prefer to make mine with love ❤️. When you cook or bake with love the food just tastes better than if you just cook because you’re hungry or you have to.

So, I started with the cake 🍰 mix and mixed everything together as directed but with my own added twist to it. It’s good to follow the directions 🧭 but you can always add your own spin on it.

Recipe Calls For:

3 Eggs 🥚

1 1/4 Water 💦 HOT

1/4 Vegetable 🌽 Oil

My Spin:

2 TBS Cinnamon or Cinnamon Sugar

1/3 Cup Vanilla Extract


Whipped Butter Créame

Cake 🍰 Or Cupcakes:

Whether you’re making a cake 🍰 or cupcakes the whole process is the same. Grease or spray down baking dish or muffin pan. When doing cupcakes you can always opt for muffin paper to pour batter into. I always opt for muffin paper if I have it on hand, definitely makes clean up less messy and quicker. I’m all about that.


Pre-Heat Oven to 350F

Bake as directed

After, the cake 🍰 or cupcakes come out let sit to cool 😎. Preferably on a baking rack if you have one. Once completely cooled either with a spatula or the back of a spoon I generously start to apply the whipped icing onto each individual cake.

Mmmmm q rico 😋!!

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading this and maybe have the urge to try my recipe.

Bien Provecho!! 🇵🇷