Puerto Rican Artist Ponce Solo

4 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Artist Ponce Solo”

  1. I have purchased a few of Ponce Solo’s
    Artwork ( hats ) and everyone compliments on the captivating style ; the blending of colors & details is what catches the eye. I have talked to him about what I would like done on a hat & he runs with the idea …” Never” failing to make me a happy customer. But it’s much more than that , we have connected on a different level supporting each other in business . Ponce Solo is a down to earth man & a friend . I’m truly happy to see that his Artwork is getting noticed …One Love ✌️ ✊🇵🇷✊
    Thank you for your article , I really like the different reviews that your doing.
    ( Mr Willster 913 ) .


    1. Gracias mí hermano for the inspiring comment. Am just really glad to have met him and am blessed he allowed me to write this article about him and for him to get his art and message out there to the world 🌎. I want a few of his piece to wear and to have. He is an inspirational man with a vision and drive to help people. Again gracias 🙏🏼 for sharing your thoughts.


    1. Buenos días mí hermanito 🥰. Sorry haven’t been on in a min been busy. But am totes in agreement with you. Glad you enjoyed reading it. Currently trying to get his bro Bobbito Ross to let me do his story so hopefully that article will be coming soon. Hope this finds you well y in great health.

      -Leti 😘


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