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Anuel AA


Meet Anuel AA. Bryant Myers. Larry Over. Almighty. Unless you live on the island or closely follow the Puerto Rican rap scene, chances are you may not recognize the names of this new wave of trapstars. One name that’s garnered visibility over the rest is Anuel AA, whose digital popularity extends further than Puerto Rico. His videos on YouTube have reached upwards of 20 million views, while features on tracks like De La Ghetto’s sex jam “La Ocasión” have racked up nearly 200 million hits. You may not have heard his name, but the numbers don’t lie. Anuel’s popularity and fame have earned him a net worth of $3 million.


Anuel AA, the viral Latin trap artist who was infamously arrested in 2016 on gun charges, is reportedly back in federal prison. In June 2017, the Puerto Rican rapper was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison, after police found on April 3, 2016, he was arrested after leaving a nightclub called Tabaco & Ron Lounge San Juan, located in Santurce, Puerto Rico along with two companions, when the police stopped the vehicle in which they were walking and at first sight the agents saw firearms. At the time of the arrest several weapons were confiscated: a Glock pistol model 23 caliber .40, a Glock model 30 caliber .45 and another Glock model 19 caliber 9 mm. In addition, in the Auto found 9 loaders for guns and more than a hundred bullets. At the time, he was set to serve his sentence on the island’s Metropolitan Detention Center in Guaynabo.


The artist had been found guilty of possessing the weapons even though he did not have any with him when he got into a car in which two co-accused went to look for him to go with him to a presentation. Now he will have to spend three years in supervised freedom and fulfill some 300 hours of community work.



Here is the Anuel AA that I know, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago comes from a family in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Anuel was born in 1992, being the son of a musician and business man, Jose Gazmey who was vice president of Sony Music in Puerto Rico. The son of the musician Jose Gazmey, he had music cruising through his blood right from birth, it could be said. So Anuel did have a musical background that helped him develop a passion for music. He studied at Colegio María Auxiliadora in Carolina PR. There in course of his training and was showing a strong interest in music. Colegio María Auxiliadora is a private school located in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Is a co-educational catholic school belongs to the school system of the Archdiocese of San Juan de Puerto Rico; being the most large from their schools.





Anuel AA, is way much more than just a celebrity, musician, or business man he is also a family man and father to one. Anuel is very private about his family life which is to be respected. He is a loving father and devoted family man. Currently, sad to say he is separated from his family due to current unfortunate circumstances but soon will be reunited. However, he recently was able to reunite with his mother on Mothers Day this year. The singer of Trap, Anuel AA, who recently left prison, publicly asked his mother in an emotional writing. Through an Instagram account, Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, the artist’s first name, shared an image of him with his mother and a message in which he asked for forgiveness for all the suffering he suffered.


Here his writing:

I love you mommy, sorry for all the pain I made you go through and for the suffering that you lived because of me … I never realized that if I had my life locked I made the sentence day by day with me suffering until they caught me and I saw you crying in court … I LOVE YOU LIGHT OF MY EYES !!!!!!! Happy mothers day my life !!!!!!! But I never leave you alone again !!!!!!!! Thanks for never leaving me alone !!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOTHERS Q GIVE UP LIFE FOR THEIR CHILDREN !!!!!!! THERE IS NO MORE CUTE NA IN THIS WORLD Q THE LOVE OF A MOTHER !!!!!!! ????


There is an interesting story about how Anuel’s career took off. He had collected more than twenty thousand followers who had subscribed to his Sound Cloud account where he started uploading his music. So he had quite a lot of fans even before he became famous and released his debut album.


Anuel AA started making songs between the end of 2010. In 2012 he started recording at Maybach Music. Beginning to gain popularity in 2014 in Puerto Rico and the United States. At the beginning of 2016, he became known worldwide with the song “The Chance”, which in 2 weeks recorded more than 2 million visits on the YouTube page. The rapper and American businessman Rick Ross, hired him for the label Maybach Music Group, also a label of French Montana. He is also hired in the company of singer Ñengo Flow, Real G4 Life.


Anuel AA first gained notoriety for his violent and sexually explicit lyrics, and for positioning himself as one of the leading figures of the thriving Latin trap movement. Since he was arrested in 2016, the rapper has cultivated his fan base under the #FreeAnuel movement, releasing new music, selling merchandise, and racking up millions of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He recently appeared on Spiff TV’s “Thinkin’” with Future and Bad Bunny, as well as the remix of Chris Jeday’s “Ahora Dice” with Cardi B and Offset.


The Puerto Rican rapper made headlines last month when rumors of his imminent release swirled. In mid-May, it was revealed that he had relocated to a halfway house and reunited with Ozuna and producers Chris Jeday and Yampi.


It seems the relocation was short-lived. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Inmate Locator, which offers public information on people convicted of violating federal laws, Anuel is no longer stationed at a residential re-entry center; the database lists his location as Miami FDC, a federal detention center in Downtown Miami. Local outlet Metro PR reports that Anuel AA’s attorney Edwin Prado confirmed the news during an interview on TV show Dando Candela.


He reassured that Anuel was complying with the requirements of his halfway house program, and reiterated that his release date (July 17, 2018) remains the same. In an email to Remezcla, Prado confirmed that Anuel’s return the prison was “not related to any conduct or violation during the time he spent [in the] halfway house. It seems to be related to conduct while he was in prison or security reasons only [the Bureau of Prisons] can confirm.”


May 9, fans swarmed Instagram claiming Anuel AA had been released early, as reported by popular urbano site Rapetón. Fans claimed that the mother of Anuel AA’s child, Astrid, posted an Instagram story with the text “Salió puñeta,” suggesting the rapper had been released from prison, though some fans claimed the account does not belong to her.


Anuel lives by one motto (or one hashtag, if you will): “Real hasta la muerte.” He refuses to steer away from explicit content to make anyone feel comfortable. He’s going to remain true to himself. “We’re either with God or with the Devil, and I don’t make Christian music.”


In Anuel’s own words,“I’m the only one making money without having songs on the radio.” And even though he isn’t one hundred percent mainstream or even one hundred percent loved in Puerto Rico, he assures, “When Daddy Yankee retires, the one who will sit on the throne is me.”