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50 Facts About Me

I think I ended up convincing myself that no one in their right mind would care to read about random things having to do with me. Recently, I re-visited the idea and I must have convinced myself (somehow) that someone may, indeed care to read random facts about me because well, I ended up writing a list of fifty.


I figured if nothing else, it may help you get to know me a little more beyond just my lifesyle and beauty posts! I really want to build a relationship with my readers and that includes getting to know each other, right!?


  1. I am Puerto Rican and Mexican. Half and half, so I get the best of both worlds.
  2. I love Starbucks….my fav is Carmel Macchiato
  3. I’m a total believer of “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place”. Knowing my room isn’t clean/picked up annoys me to no end
  4. Although I don’t do it as much as I’d like, I adore traveling-everything about it! Packing, staying in hotels, seeing new places…more traveling, please!
  5. I was also sort of a tomboy back in grade school- I would wear camo pants and play capture the flag with the boys
  6. Without my contacts or glasses, I can’t even see the giant “E” on the eye doctor’s chart…only kidding I can see it. But I’m far sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other
  7. My favorite chic flicks are Sex and the City 1 & 2
  8. Everything happens to me in 3’s good and bad lol
  9. I sneeze in 3’s
  10. If The Scarface is on TV, I have to watch it


11. I love all kinds of foods, Puerto Rican and Mexican of course, El Salvadorian, Cuban, Italiano, Chinese, Vietnamese, American, Cajun, Japanese, Greek and Indian (India and Native American)

12. I love to exercise

13. I’m right handed

14. I’m a huge UT Arlington football fan. Huge. Hook Em’ Horns!!

15. I love all kinds of music

16. My two fav Puerto Rican singers are Daddy Yankee and Anuel AA

17. I love telling how my day or week was and it takes me like, an hour to do so because I have to include every detail (I’m sure that’s evident in my rambling writing style)

18. I’m a list maker and planner. I have lists for everything and have to plan every detail of my life.

19. Halloween is my favorite holidays and as a child because I LOVED dressing up (I would have my costume planned out a year in advance)

20. Winter is my least favorite season. I despise the cold but oddly I love snow and Colorado.


21. I absolutely love Adidas

22. I am a NY Yankees fan

23. My most used Puerto Rican phrase,”Boricua pa’que tu lo sepas!”

24. My birthday is March 3

25. One of my most important goals in life is to have a family and be the best mom possible….but the way the cards lay currently I don’t see it happening

26. The following quote is me in a nutshell- “I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it”

27. I didn’t have my license until I was 18 (I have anxiety and something about driving always exacerbated it. Fear conquered!) I think I’m a totally badass driver btw

28. I have 7 tattoos

29. I’ve done a lot of things in my past that I’m not proud of….but have learned from and made me who I am today

30. I love dogs all kinds of dogs but my main fav is a pitbull or bully


31. I used to weight 185 (The pic above is 2yr ago)

32. I’m very OCD

33. I hate messy people and messy houses

34. I only date Latino men

35. I love comfy oversized sweaters

36. I’m from Dallas TX

37. I currently live in Tulsa

38. I absolutely can’t stand Trump supporters

39. The kind of woman I am they don’t make me anymore and with that being said if you lost me then you fucked up!

40. I’m the nicest person you’ll ever meet but don’t cross me


41. My fav place in the whole world is PR

42. My fav place is la playa

43. My biggest pet peeve is being lied to

44. Referencing back to #43 with me honesty is everything

45. Favorite flower is the PR Hibiscus

46. I love frogs but Coqui’s are the best b/c they sing instead of making a ribbit noise

47. I’m a book nerd

48. Everything has to match it doesn’t matter if it’s what I’m wearing or what is in my casa everything matches

49. Sometimes I think I tell people too much about myself

50. I over think everything a little way too much