Welcome To La Perla Puerto Rico

8 thoughts on “Welcome To La Perla Puerto Rico”

  1. I just got back from Puerto Rico and I went into La Perla by myself. I’m a 5’ 3”, 150 lb Indy girl and I didn’t feel unsafe. You need to learn respect. Respect the people who live there. I came to see a side where tourists don’t go. That was one of the things I wanted to do most. See and be around the actual people of the side of the island I was on. Maybe I grew up different. I was told by multiple tour guides to go there if I wanted to see a local spot. My whole point is if you’re going to La Perla and treating it like going to somewhere like the zoo, then you are there for the wrong reasons. I don’t regret my decision for checking it out.


  2. To wyatt Coleman… 6 ft and 200 pounds does not authorizes you to walk into ANY neighborhood and do what you may. Of one notorious place you can mention of MY PRECIOUS ISLAND… This 5 ft and 130 lb puertorriquen Army girl knew the rule not to go to or rather INTO ..
    1- CR as your people would call it (Ceder Rapids) used to be wholesome but now in the last 20-25 yrs, violence and a general lack of the citizen respect,
    2-Marshalltown rates fair for commutability but housing, education and jobs..its rating is pretty damn low
    3- Clarinda crime rate is more than 26% higher than the national average, so these fact should be considered.
    4- Waterloo, crime in this small town is 30% above the national average… not to mention the fact that the ENTIRE City has a dirty look and feel.
    Well just to name a few cities in Iowa.
    My country is an associated common wealth of the mainland (USA) WE are AMERICANS just as any Irish, italian, jew, Roman, Scandinavian etc, that would be born on the mainland but with ties to other GROUNDS, except like Hawaii, we are an island too.
    We are blessed that 84% of US learned to dominate 2 languages, we can speak, read and write them both.
    Educate yourself…don’t be a WholeASS.

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    1. I agree with you. I am also 5’3”, 150 lb…I’m an American but I want into La Perla alone at night…while some people said it may have not been the best idea to go alone, I don’t regret my decision. I was glad to experience that part of Puerto Rico.


  3. My wife and I just Returned from PR. Our first two nights were in La Perla. We did not feel unsafe at all, maybe because we didn’t know about the reputation before we got there. Anyhow, we stayed at a “cozy” Airbnb, and walked through old San Juan and enjoyed our star very much and had a beautiful view of the ocean from our bedroom. We will be returning on a yearly basis.

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  4. Seems like a really cool place! I’ve been to VSJ many time but have always wondered how you get to La Perla! I love being in the real culture of places I visit and feel this would be an adventure. Your photos are beautiful and make me really want to go there!! Im considering moving to PR within a couple of years so knowing all of the neighborhoods will be part of my adventure!


  5. Last week i walked through la perla at night. I am 6 foot 200 pounds of iowa tough farmer and what i encountered there should scare anybody. Drug dealers with shoeboxes full of dope approached us and when i said no thank you they cursed me and began following us brandishing knives. That place needs a fuel tanker dropped over the edge and ignited and then bulldozed and turned into a park. Worst place ive ever seen in 40 years of life. Sorry. La perla is gross


    1. Sorry, you had a bad encounter in La Perla PR. First and foremost it really isn’t a tourist destination or attraction it is a residential neighborhood. Viejo San Juan, is the tourist spot. Everyone knows if you are a tourist and are in La Perla you’re there for one reason only…..to try to score drugs down there. They know who lives in their community and who doesn’t; they know a rental car when they see one. I’m not implying anything but maybe you should have said what you went there for. Not sure if you really paid attention to my article but the community doesn’t like being viewed as objects under a microscope. But as far as your nasty comment about La Perla if you have nothing nice to say please keep your opinions to yourself.


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