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Feliz Nochebuena From Me To You

(Play Me And Happy Reading…..It Just Goes Together)
 Hola y bienvenido BBS Family!
It’s finally almost here December 24th 2016
0 years
0 months
1 day
11 hours
44 minutes
14 seconds
And counting…..
(The kiddos in our family look foward to this very moment)
I wanted to wish all my readers a Very Feliz Navidad y Buenas Fiestas! For those of you who aren’t sure what I just said, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! So, I’m sure some of you are wondering what Nochebuena and Navidad mean. They are Spanish words referring to the night of Christmas Eve and celebrated on December 24 every year.
Holiday season is here, and Christians from Puerto Rico to Peru will be ringing in Nochebuena, the most important Christmas celebrations for members of Spanish-influenced cultures. Alternatively known as Noche Buena, La Cena de Nochebuena or Navidad, Nochebuena means “Good Night” in Spanish and refers to Christmas Eve, the biggest Christmas fete for most Latinos.

Some families have adopted a more American take on the family meal in recent years, serving “Pavo Trufado de Navidad,” or Christmas turkey with truffles.


(This is one of our Nativity Scenes)

Many revelers put out nativity scenes to celebrate the occasion and remind family members about the religious underpinnings of the event, which often lasts late into the night as people catch up with relatives and friends.

15179075_346293505731555_7578798501580562966_n (My Sister always has the best holiday wreaths. Wearing: AmericanEagle Jeans, MK Coat, White House Black Market Blouse, Cardinal Red Tieks – Designer Ballet Flats)

Latin American families sometimes ring in Noche Buena after late-night Misa de Gallo mass, sharing a range of dishes. Misa de Gallo commemorates Jesus Christ’s birth and translates to Mass of Roosters, arising from an old tale about a rooster that crowed to herald the occasion.


Here in the United States, we have our own set of Christmas traditions: Santa Claus comes down the chimney, eats a cookie left out for him by eager children, and drops off loads of presents for the kids who have been nice that year. And, of course, everyone has their own unique cultural background which contributes to their festive holiday celebrations.


(Me and my Sis hangin’ out decking the halls. Nov 29th ’16)(What I’m Wearing: ModCloth Socks, VS PJ Pants, Papaya Tee/ What My Sis Is Wearing: ModCloth Socks, Pink Queen PJ Pants, AE Tee)

Around the world, familias celebrate the holidays a little bit differently. Here’s what our familia likes to do:

We always set up our trees just a ll bit after Thanksgiving….some of us have more trees in their casas than others and we love to take pics of each others trees and help decorate them. Then again, some of us love to delegate decking the halls from the sofa. The day my in-laws tree was set up I helped and then curled up on the sofa infront of the tree with a great novel! Que? Can you blame me? Jajajajaja!


(Me by the time I got to the next casa to help with decorating)

Moving on to another tradition of ours….baking desserts. I’m usually the one who makes it. But, a lot of times we go to the Supermercado to get different types of Pan dulce. Pan dulce is, quite frankly addicting. Once you smell the delicious aroma you will not be satisfied until you eat as much as your stomach will permit. It can be eaten warm, out of the oven, toasted and smothered in butter or honey (or both), made into the most delicious French toast you’ll ever eat and, of course, a rich bread pudding.


(Mixed Pan dulce from Fiesta )

On Christmas Eve we love to take lots and I mean lots of pictures! Like, sometimes it’s too much and you feel like your family has turned into the zombie paparazzi….smh only. This is the time when all our Tia’s, Mom’s, & Abuelas try to force you to take pics so they can put them in the photo album to pull out year after year after year and so on. If you’re Latino you know this feeling all too well. Below, just kicks off the photo marathon that will last until Sunday nite.


(What I’m Wearing: White House Black Market Blouse, Bebe Pants, Manolo’s)

Well this year our family is doing things a bit different. Different is good! Yes, we decorated, and yes the family is still getting together but with a bit of a twist! This year kinda spur of the moment a few of us have decide to spend Christmas Eve & Christmas Day else where then come home and have delayed Christmas.


(Pictured: Hunter Boots, MK Weekender, Eddie Bauer Blanket, Ralph Lauren Blanket, Mixed Clothes)

Yep! That’s right! I said it….we’re packing our weekender totes, bags and kiddos we’re headed to the slopes to have a White Christmas! Ski’s and snow what more can you ask for? Texas weather is up and down and there is rain but no snow in the forcast for manana. And, not to mention it really doesn’t feel like Christmas….here in North Texas on Christmas Day it’s supposed to be rainy and 73 degrees. Yeah no thanks we’ll pass.


(Frisco, CO)

 Sometimes, you need to spice things up like I mentioned earlier. Make new memories and new traditions! From my family to yours we wish each and every one of you Merry Christmas!! You can catch all the fun on my FB, Twitter, IG & Snap! Hope to see you there!

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