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Arigato, hey BBS Fam!

I know that I haven’t post too much lately about makeup or some of my makeup tips and tricks. So, I just wanted to share a quick makeup post with ya’ll. Just like many of you Ladies out there, I’m sure you all have a makeup bag and then your quick go-to makeup bag. If, not Chica what and I mean what are you doing with your life!? I don’t know, but I think that everyone should have a makeup bag and then a…. Makeup Bag. I myself, have more than two. I know, I know you’re probably sitting there thinking why on earth does she have more than two makeup bags?


Funny story kind of, it all started when my girlfriend suggested that I try ipsy! So, I decided ten dollars per month wasn’t bad to receive makeup in samples to try that were full sized product. I also, loved the fact that you received makeup and other beauty products in a cute little makeup bag. So, I did it for about a year and then thought to myself it’s an awesome deal but I really didn’t have a use for twelve little makeup bags or so I thought.

Long story short, I found uses for all those cute little bags. I now have a bag for each of my makeup products….ones for my lip products, eye-shadow, eyeliner, mascara, primer, bronzers, base, and powder base. Ok, now you’re probably a bit confused like didn’t she just say she had twelve makeup bags!? Well, you’re right….one is used as my main makeup bag and then the other five are filled with the essentials every woman needs in her handbag for just in-case purposes. Yeah, I know that’s a lot. Right? Not really, well….not to me at least. I call it organizing. I simply hate cluttered dirty makeup bags and or handbags for that matter. I also, don’t like not being able to find something and have to pour out my whole bag just to find it. I know ya’ll can totes relate!

So, now that I’ve kind of rambled on about the makeup bag let me get to this makeup  bag at the top of the page. My bag is Auth. Louis Vuitton and the make up as well as makeup products are ELF. Let me first say that I love ELF! Like, I’m a total ELF fan. ELF is the brand that I go to for certain products. I love their makeup brushes, eye makeup, lipliners, lipsticks, lipglosses and primers (not pictured).

ELF, is super affordable and can be found online and mass retailers. Most of all ELF products are sold under ten dollars. Ladies, this has been my two cents please spend them wisely.