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Do You Know How Much Food You Need To Make?

Welcome Back!

Thank you for coming. As, you maybe or may not be aware, the countdown to Thanksgiving is on, and though everyone should be totally stoked for it (what’s not to love about a holiday that revolves around stuffing your face?), Turkey Day often brings with it a serious dose of stress.

gallery-1477507147-how-much-food-thanksgivingDreaming of all that turkey, pie, potatoes, and leftovers are ah-mazing in the moment, but they don’t just magically appear on your table. That’s right I said thing you don’t want to hear. But, hey Mami you really need to get up and get started! A lot of blood, sweat, and OK, I admit it, tears, goes into making that feast happen, so I wanted to try to make things a tad bit easier for you, by making this handy chart that totally takes the guesswork out of just how much food you need to make for all your guests.

Or perhaps you are trying to figure out how many pies you need, how big of a turkey you need to buy, or just how many potatoes you need to mash is overwhelming, and you definitely don’t want to instigate fighting over the last piece of pie because you didn’t make enough (not saying that’s ever happened or anything…). But don’t worry—this graphic breaks it down so you can figure out how much of each dish to make based on how many people are coming to dinner.

*Pro tip: If you want several days worth of leftovers (and you do—the leftovers are the best part, right?!), add a person or two to your guest count.

And now after you’ve got your food portioned out, I’ve got you covered with how long you need to cook that bird and how many days it will take to thaw. Bam! Best Thanksgiving ever. Am, I right?