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Keeping Up With All The Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You Need To Know About

Summer, we love you but it’s time we said goodbye.

As we pull our glossy skin tints and bronzers from out of our makeup bags, we begin to think about all things Fall makeup. Yasss! Girl, I know it’s sad and bitter sweet but Huni get ready to cozy up to Fall. Yup, with open arms, we welcome back heavy black eyeliners, full lashes and gothic lips.

So Ladies, to celebrate the return of autumn, I’ve rounded up 10 Fall Beauty Trends to expect this season (and I promise, you’ll love them all):

1. Gothic Lips

Ok Girl, this season put your fear of black lipstick aside and embrace vampy vibes. The biggest, most important makeup trend for fall is dark lips. VERY dark lips. Ditch your summer nudes and pinks for the dark side and all the colours on that end of the spectrum: burgundy, blue, purple, brown, etc. And for that extra dramatic pop, brush over your gothic lips with gloss. You’ll be glad you did!

2.Natural Brows


The next trend you need to know pertains to eyebrows. While big brows are still “in,” exaggerated arches are over—so no more filling them in with extra-dark pencil and over-drawing the shape. The message for fall is to simply embrace what you have naturally, without doing too much shaping or filling at all. Yup, it’s still all about the untamed brows this season, so that means brushing brows up, filling in sparse areas and letting them do their thing. No more perfect Instagram brow.

3.Spider Lashes & Twiggy Lashes

Fall calls for chunky lashes … yes, spider lashes that is. Apply heavy product to both your top and bottom lashes, to make your eyes pop. This fall’s lash look is all about super-defined, borderline chunky eyelashes. As someone who loathes most false lashes,(unless their individuals) I’d be so happy to see this take off! Compared to past seasons, one major point of difference is that the bottom lashes are just as important as the top ones—think Twiggy eyes Ladies.

4.Glowy Skin


Ladies, now I want you to think natural glow! Channel your inner glow with me. After a few seasons of extreme contouring and extreme strobing, we’re back to skin that looks more like skin. (Thank goodness!) Your complexion goals for this fall should be a slightly dewy texture with soft flushed cheeks, and subtle, non-shimmery highlights.

5.Warm Cheeks

Makeup fans, it’s time to stop contouring and take it back to the more simple things in life. That’s right, glow on this fall with effortlessly flushed cheeks that you can create with a simple flick of your blush brush. Keep it super simple, ya’ll!

6.All That Glitters

The next biggest trend—and by far the most surprising one!—is glitter. Yes, for grown-ups. The runway version is definitely exaggerated: designers dusted it all over the lids, cheeks and even brows. But for real life, it can translate into a super-pretty nighttime eye-shadow look that’s so much more interesting than matte smokies. All that glitters is gold, and it all looks great on your eyes. This fall season, shine bright like a diamond with glittery makeup, whether it be drenching the eyes in shimmering eye shadow, softly brushing brow bones with a bit of glossy shine, or creating a killer cheekbone highlight with a dash of sparkles.

7.Smudgy Black Liner


So if you’re going to wear eyeliner this fall, make it a black one. Designers showed it both graphic and smudgy, so there wasn’t one specific application technique. Personally, I think smudging is far easier and more wearable. Just grab your smudger brush (such as Make Up For Ever’s) and you’re good to go.

8.Red Lips


Yep! That’s right, I said it Red lips! Classic. Timeless. Never goes out of style. Whether it be deep reds or more orange hues, this type of lip always proves to be elegant.

9.Intricate Eyes & Lips

Traditionally, bright makeup has been a summer thing. But now, it’s more than okay to wear it all fall. It doesn’t matter where you place your pops of colour—eyes or lips—nor which shade you choose. From blues to oranges to magentas, anything goes!



From your eyes to your lips, you’ll be seeing metallic shadows and lip creams everywhere this fall.


Now you’re all up to date on the makeup of the season! I’m looking forward to trying out a darker lip—well, maybe just for evening—and my inner five-year-old cannot wait to bust out the glitter. I’m also thrilled to see the end of contouring and heavy, drawn-on brows. Let’s hope these trends catch on real soon! Tell me:

Which fall 2016 makeup trend is your favorite?
Have you tried any of these looks yet?