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The Perfect Halloween Costumes For The Curly Girl


Have you found a costume for Halloween yet? For those of us with curly hair, it can be hard to dress up for Halloween. We’ve all been told a million times to be a lion or Merida. Now, there’s nothing wrong with either of these costumes, but you can only don these outfits so many times without being dreadfully bored.  For those of us who want to keep our curly locks out this Hallow’s Eve, check out the costumes below.  You’ll be sure to be the best dressed at any party you hit up. If not, here are 10 simple, easy and cheap halloween costume ideas for curlies! 

  1. Diana Ross

Yesss! Very few women hold a candle to the sheer glamour of Diana Ross. If you love big hair, glitter, and bold makeup this is definitely the look for you! Channel Miss. Ross with giant diva hair, a sequin gown (this can be easily thrifted) and follow the fab makeup tutorial above. 

The most important parts of this costume are bling and and huge, fabulous hair. Every bit of you needs to sparkle, so choose a dress covered in sequins and super sparkly jewelry. For divalicious hair, blow out your hair for maximum length and do a twist-out with big twists for super volume. to adequately serve as Miss Ross, you need to basically be a walking disco ball, so take it higher with some glitter hair spray.


2. Hilary Banks

To get Hillary’s ringlet curls, try a flexi-rod set or a bantu knot-out. Pop on a hat and practice your perfect valley girl voice. To don a similar look try going to the local Goodwill or other any other thrift store.


3. A Lioness

Take advantage of your massive hair, or clip ins, with this fierce look! All you need is a full stretched out ‘fro, a nude or leopard print dress, and then follow the make up tutorial above! 

4. Hocus Pocus Witches

We all love the movie, Hocus Pocus, from our childhood.  Luckily enough for us, all three witches have some variation of a curly updo.  Grab your two bffs, pick your favorite witch, and have a ball throwing it back with your super fab Halloween costume.


Instead of working around your natural hair, make it the star of the show.


5. Val From Josie and the Pussycats


If you’re ok with not everyone getting who you’re supposed to be, channel Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycats…the movie! All you need is sequin cat ears, a crop top and metallic pants, a fur jacket (optional) and lots of body glitter. Basically the most gaudy early 2000s outfit you can think of. Finish the look with two afro puffs! 

6. Foxy Brown/Cleopatra Jones

Pam Grier was super hot in the 70’s! If you can fro your hair out, this would be a dope idea and people would get it! All you need is a sexy outfit. Crop top that ties would be cute!


7. Carrie Bradshaw


The epitome of a girly-girl, SJP’s character always had the most fab style and shoes.  But, best of all?  She’s got those natural locks that so many of us have too!


You can never go wrong by taking a step back in the past with this next classic curly style.


 8. Lisa From Saved By The Bell

Kelly Kapowski is so overrated.  Plus, didn’t we all secretly want to be Lisa anyways?  #EnoughSaid


Or, just maybe you think that’s a bit lame for your taste and like keep it way modern then this next style is definitely for you!


9. Janelle Monae


Simple and distinctive, you can bring Janelle Monae to life with one of several online tutorials for her signature pompadour. Can be done with hair of varying length and braids!

10. Medusa

What’s more badass than a mythical greek character whose name translates to protectress?  Whether you take a cue from the style above and opt for curly braids, or you simply add some snakes to your curly locks, Medusa’s got a style that you can make all your own.

Halloween is a blast and once you find the right costume, it will be twice the fun!  Grab your favorite gal pals, your hairspray, some candy corn, and get ready for the best Halloween yet.  Happy haunting!