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Who All Believes that Carrie Bradshaw Lied?

Carrie Bradshaw….where should I begin? She may be the consummate girl crush, but Carrie Bradshaw is also sort of the worst. Sometimes I think she’s full of shit, and sometimes I love her. And sometimes I don’t.


Even though I reside in Texas, my love affair with the idea of New York City stems back to my adolescent years–I remember it all quite vividly. Friday nights my mom would tuck me into bed and kiss me goodnight in a hurry. I was confused. On Fridays, I was usually allowed to stay up late and watch TV until I fell asleep, but this time was different. She’d flip the TV to HBO and anxiously await the latest episode of Sex and the City like clockwork. Always in grown folks’ business, I never quite understood why I couldn’t stay up and watch TV with her like other nights. Clearly, whatever my mom was watching she didn’t want me to see.

Even still, I’d put up a fuss to stay up late or make my way to the kitchen for juice so that I could pass through the living room and see what she was so captivated by. Per the usual, she’d so kindly direct me back to bed. Once, however, I did catch a glimpse of what was on the television.

Propped up on the sofa, my Mom dozed in and out of sleep one Friday night. I hesitantly peered over the couch to see the TV, but I only caught the credits. A White woman pranced around New York in a pink leotard, and a white tutu and Sex quickly flashed across the screen. Before I knew it, the music had awoken my mother and once again I was schlepped back to bed.

I realized life after being a teenager moving forward into adult life wasn’t as effortlessly fabulous and sprinkled with sparkle as Carrie Bradshaw led me to believe post-teen life/ pre-adult life might be… and so it all began! Whether you’re willing to own up to it or not, at some point or another you’ve probably tried to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw. It’s okay, we’ve all been there and those who haven’t are probably just living in a crippling fear of being deemed basic (it’s okay guys, this is a safe place).

Nearly a decade later, I rediscovered that same show, but I didn’t have to sneak around to watch it. I was 20, and on my own and my mother wasn’t in control of the remote anymore. Thanks to syndication and networks like TBS and E! I too was able to have my own experience with the romanticNearly a decade later, I rediscovered that same show, but I didn’t have to sneak around to watch it. I was 20, and my mother wasn’t in control of the remote anymore. Let me tell it, I thought I was pretty much grown.

10622735_740597682662338_2268719868355504935_nThanks to syndication and networks like TBS and E! I too was able to have my own experience with the romantic dramedy just like my mother. Since, I work at night I would sit in front of the TV in the afternoon enamored with the lives of Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes. Four gal pals living in the metropolis of New York and dealing with a plethora of modern social issues. Sex, relationships, careers, you name it, they talked about it.

I envisioned that same lifestyle for myself one day…Allured by her dating “wisdom” and good shoes, she really had us all fooled into believing that we too could move to the city and be “a real life Carrie Bradshaw.” Wrong.

Granted, I reside in Texas and not in New York so I really can’t speak on what it’s like there in reality but; I can tell you what it’s like where I live. Maybe you moved to Anywhere USA to become a writer or to find your Mr. Big (lol, how’s that going for you?) or maybe you and your closest girlfriends meet up every Saturday to gossip over brunch. Either way, you can’t deny that Carrie was good at selling the single girl in the city life—glamour! designer shoes! Cosmos! hot men everywhere to date! freelancing so you can avoid sitting at an office desk all day! a huge closet! a magical budget to pay for it all! and to top it off a wedding marrying the love of her life!
I’ve made a list of some of the best lies she told us, because as we all know: you can never read too many SATC articles in your lifetime.
“Being a single freelance writer in New York will be fun and glamorous, she said. You should try it, she said.”
First off, I’d like to point out that Carrie was a writer of a newspaper column and published a few books,the idea that she could make a living—in New York, no less!—on “man/Manolo” puns is basically magical realism. Most writers can’t afford a closet full of Manolos much less designer clothes!
“You’ll be totally fine if you decide to spend your paycheck on shoes instead of rent.”
Nope, oddly enough your landlord generally doesn’t share an understanding for your love of Manolos. And you also need to know how a bank account works as a functioning adult to, you know, survive. Do you remember when we all gagged over Carrie’s extensive collection of Manolo Blahnik pumps, but knew her writer’s salary and expensive taste never did quite add up? You can somehow afford living in New York by only writing one column a week. Sounds like a pretty ideal setup to me but nope, this might just be her greatest lie of them all. Better go find a side hustle.
Perhaps the most unrealistic aspect of the show was Carrie’s lax work schedule. Homegirl only had to write one column a week in a crappy newspaper and still managed to make rent, buy designer clothing, and eat out at fabulous restaurants. No wonder she had to whore herself out to Mr. Big. She needed to make ends meet!
I may not be a true to form writer, but I write this blog in my free time on the side of working my Administrative Assistant job, and attending school I still can’t afford a pair of Manolos. I have yet to find a writing job in Texas that will cover rent, bills, groceries, and a crux of a shoe addiction. Maybe, since New York is a larger city it maybe possible there. This is one of her HUGEST lies.
Carrie wrote a newspaper column and published a few books (later on finally got married to Big), Charlotte worked in a gallery (until she married Harry and became a stay-at-home mom), Samantha was a publicist, and Miranda was a lawyer (and later on a wife to Steve and mother to Brady). I totally would forget watching the show that these ladies were well into their 30s with pretty stable careers all accept for Carrie. Myself, however, at 20 years old, have had to multiply my sources of revenue.
Carrie says,”It’s so easy to meet men in New York!”
Real talk: when you’re a single woman in the city (Anytown USA) you’ll spend most of your dating life trying to find ANY decent human worth going on a date with, not deciding between two “dream” guys you’re dating at once. And, if you’re lucky you’ll move in with one another and hope for the best…..or even luckier get fall in love and get married then live together and hope for the best.
“You can afford (and find) an Upper East Side apartment all by yourself with a giant closet and plenty of space.”
No roommates, no rodents, separate rooms for everything? Carrie’s entire apartment is a big lie in itself. Enough said. I’ve heard time and time again that apartments in New York are tiny, but SATC had my mind totally messed up. But, like I mentioned earlier, I live in Texas but still tiny studio much lesstwo to three bedroom apartments don’t come cheap!  Not the nice ones like hers. When, I rented my first apartment  I was in for a huge shock… I wasn’t ready for. Carrie’s quaint and shabby chic digs were grand: walk-in closet, full bathroom, separate living room, and bedroom space. My apartment? Nothing of the sort.
After growing much older, my next apartment was maybe half the size of it. Still, it didn’t come cheap, not cheap enough to cover everything and an all labels habit.
“You never have to take public transportation when there are cabs everywhere!”
Ok, I get that in NYC you probably don’t have a use for a personal car. And, then too the traffic is always bumper to bumper with cabs and buses every where. Not, sure what happened with this episode where Carrie and the girls are going to a baby shower and they all get in the car and are ready to go until someone points out that none of them know how to drive, and Carrie ends up driving event though….she “doesn’t” know how to drive! But, at one point in time Carrie did have her own car.
Any whoozle, cab rides aren’t free, shockingly, and not ideal to take 24/7 on a writer’s budget.

And, c’mon if you seriously think about it she went a lot of places, of course I’m sure at times her and her girls would split fare, but most of the time it was just her. She must of spent a pretty penny, too bad they didn’t have Uber! Not, like that would of been any cheaper, but….you never know! Instead, you’ll most likely find yourself sweating to death on the subway platform while waiting for the next crowded train to squeeze yourself onto with the rest of the commoners or on the bus. Chic.

But, get ready for it, what do you know, she lied again! The statement she made is completely untrue because in another episode she was waiting for the bus, when a woman asked her why do you need to take the bus? when you’re on the bus? See, she lied because she’s taken public transportation.

I also, feel like she lied about the whole her and Big situation….ladies unless you are somebody famous how many of you have ever in reality met a man who has his own driver? It’s complete bs! I’m just telling it like it is. Of course, you can find any man with his own vehicle but his own driver? Not, unless he owns his own business or something. There goes another lie!

“I can be a really bad person and still have tons of friends!”

Carrie Bradshaw is a no good, very terrible, bad person. She rivals Jenny Schecter from The L Word in terms of insufferableness but, unlike Jenny, she somehow still manages to have tons of friends. No one calls Carrie out on her insane self-absorption.  I feel that they kinda just let her interrupt their story about having cancer  or anything else deemed important to say that she’s feeling distant from Mr. Big or some other tragic occurrence. I don’t get it, girls. Is Carrie secretly paying your rent in exchange for hang out sessions? Someone please tell her to shut up from time to time.
In short, nobody likes a liar. Yes, Carrie is a fictional character in a book, tv show, and a couple of movies but she still painted a lie to young  women everywhere.