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Leopard Print: Fall’s Go-To Neutral


Leopard Print is the Fall Go-To Neutral. It literally can be paired with anything! So, what do you think about the Fall trend? We’re talking leopard print here, ladies.  I, honestly believe that Jackie O believed in the trend even before it became a trend! Now don’t think I’ve lost the plot (which clearly I have) but over the last couple of years that has been much chit chat in the fashion world about Leopard Print being the New Neutral.

Animal print in fashion typically rouses strong emotion in people: they either love it or hate it. I happen to fall into the former category, especially if a great accessory is involved. Leopard print bags, shoes, belts, scarves–they all kick it up a notch. It being my rather classic, preppy, non-trendy wardrobe. I love leopard print, don’t get me wrong and I definitely wear it excessively and as often as I do wear neutral colors.

I have taken to wearing it with stripes – one of my absolutely favorite combos, which a couple of years ago would have been seen as being pure madness by most. And I think you can team it with a variety of colors – ok I’ll give them that you can team it with pretty much any color. So what you see here is how leopard print–a detailed pattern made up of several colors–technically acts as a neutral when it comes to wardrobe styling. It works with both a colorful outfit and other patterns! Not only that, but you can wear the timeless pattern for both dressier occasions or romping around during the day.

What side of the fence do you stand on when it comes to wearing animal print? Is leopard your favorite or are you more of a zebra stripes aficionado?