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Review of the Singer Stitch Sew Quick


So, I bought this lil ole’ thing thinking with all the research I’ve done that this would be a great investment. So, here it is in black and white. They say that this lightweight sewing machine allows you to repair drapes without taking them down and repair bedding without stripping the bed. It can help save the day on important occasions and swiftly restore the integrity of costumes or competition outfits. This Singer hand-held sewing machine is versatile enough to mend just about any type of material such as silk, wool and denim. It is also strong enough to handle leather and other thick textiles.

Well, I beg to differ just a bit! I, was working on a project of mine and well…. it seemed to start out fine. Until, it wasn’t! I mean, it’s probs ok for small rips and tears but for big projects you are better of getting a sewing machine. On top of that the stitching doesn’t stay.

The Singer Stitch Sew Quick machine comes with bobbins, needles, a spindle, a threader and detailed instructions. It can be used for craft projects or to fix a hem on a skirt or pair of pants. The Singer hand-held sewing machine requires four AA batteries (not included).

I don’t think that it would make a great addition to a collection of sewing equipment. It is a handy machine and is also very portable….but I personally find it to be a “Dud” instead of a “Deal.”

That has been my two cents on this product. If you like this review and would like to see future reviews like and comment below!



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