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Dear Friends,

My name, is Brooke and this is my mother; Sondra. My mother, recently has been dealing with many painful medical issues lately. She, has had inflammation of the cornea for over a year now and was told that the medication and treatment would have to be paid out of pocket and wouldn’t be covered by her insurance. To which, she simply replied she’d have to suffer because she didn’t have the funds to start the treatment.

My mother, also has a cataract in her eye which the doctors have stated needs to be removed but can’t do so until she gets the treatment for her inflammation in her eyes. She, states that her eyes are dry, sore, and tired and that it feels like she see’s everything through a gauzy view. As a result, she is reduced to staying confined to her home because she can no longer see well enough to drive.

I, would give the world to my mother if I could. Unfortunately, I am barely making ends meets…but would go broke to help her. Please, I am asking for help to save her sight and to start her treatment as soon as possible. She is in dyer need and is living in pain on a daily because of this diagnosis.

Every donation counts! It doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot every cent is very much appreciated! Please, find it in your heart to share this post even if you can’t donate!

Me & my mother thank you for your help, love, and support!


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